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Who We Are

Manifesto Stand Together. Take Back Good Taste. One Burrito at a Time.z

We Believe in Fresh.

Honest ingredients come from nature, not a syringe or a science lab. The less messed with, the better. You shouldn’t be afraid of your food.

We Declare Delicious Doesn’t Wait Under a Heat Lamp for You to Arrive.

Good, wholesome food should be made to order right in front of you. Seasoned on site. Cooked on premise. No filters. No fillers.

We Believe the Definition of a Meal has Become Dangerously Loose.

Lunch shouldn’t begin with a game of vending machine bingo. A candy bar and a soda do not a dinner make. Every burrito, on the other hand, embodies a neat little bundle of all four food groups wrapped up, warm and ready to fulfill.

We Stand for All of Life’s Flavors.

Your taste buds have the right to experiment, to mix it up and to never sample the same thing twice.

We Are Champions of Full.

Leave satisfied, not swollen. Feel gratified not guilty. Hit the spot without knocking yourself out. We build every burrito with an ample appetite in mind but roll them tight so they travel well – should you want to save one-half, one-third or even just that last bite for later.

We Believe a Good Meal Can Prepare You to Do Great Things.

A satisfying meal is a huge step towards a satisfied, focused mind. When was the last time a revolutionary idea came from an empty stomach?

Everyone Gets Invited to Our Party.

When we say vegetarian, we mean vegetarian. We don’t just remove meat from somebody else’s meal. We build from the tortilla up with vegetarian soy Rizo and your choice of veggies. Just for you.

We’ve Had Enough.

Of microwaveable “meals” and so-called value menus. Our burritos are big. Our ingredients are big fresh. So they leave you feeling comfortably full and happily fulfilled – the way a great eating experience should. Feeling like you’ve had just enough.


When The Fighting Burrito opened its doors in 2004, we decided we wanted to do more than just exist in a community; we wanted to be a part of it. Since then we have been involved in numerous community fundraisers through our Big Hearted Burrito Giveback programs. If you have a local group that wants to raise dollars for a good cause, contact us to talk more about letting us help!

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